Where is the Locke for this Key ? : Locke and Key (Netflix)

Ingredients :
Stranger things: Season 1
Haunting of the hill house: Season 1
Chronicle of Narnia: First Movie only
All 8 harry potter movies 

something that came from comic is usually a rich source material
fantasy mystery family drama - semi-horror and high school drama - wait a sec - that's way too many genres to fit into a season - somehow they pull it off

it has the 'you harry potter' vibe when the town folks say 'you are a Locke' oh god!

take away
major escapism series and binge-worthy
the story is engaging, scenery and setup of the show, music is superb, the cast is almost good
production quality is top-notch

stream or skip?
 - stream this indeed if you are into harry potter style suspend reality and enjoy the suspenseful ride

Get the comics

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