The Hunt (2020) : Review

What it's got - Violent · Action Packed · Graphic · Funny · Underrated · 
Must Watch · Gruesome · Witty Characters · 
Intense · Fun

What it's not - Great IMDb or Rotten Ratings or headlining star cast or canceled - yeah due to plenty of controversy around gun control and mass shootings in US

Hunger Games meets Cabin in the Woods meets Condemned meets Purge meets Battle Royale meets Departed

"In a weird way this movie does relate to the year 2020 and current classes vs the masses in corona struck countries, where people are divided - some protesting the lockdown showcasing their freedom and IQ levels v/s others who just want to be safe and be done with this year 2020."

Watch it for the action and comedy with that constant tug of war in your mind about the hunt being a good or bad thing, add it to your binge-watch list this lockdown season.

This one is bound to spawn sequels - I hope.
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