Movie Review : Aquaman (2018)

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The movie that should have been made and released before Justice League, that way people would have related to the 'so you can talk to fish' comment by Batman. 

Aquaman is a CGI frenzy underwater, 5,000 vs 5,000 fishes in a mega battle underwater, with things moving left right and center on the screen makes for a dizzying feeling [in 3D], you then start looking at your watch - how long is the run time of the movie ? This is a bad thing - you spent time and money to escape from reality - but with so much CGI you want to go back to reality.

The movie runs in a very predictable linear mode, it would have worked wonders with non-linear approach - mixing present and past to merge into a plot ending of epic proportions. It was not made complex - which means the director and studio were targeting younger audience so they can buy the Aquaman action figures from Hamleys.

Is it like Black Panther ? no.
Does it hold re-watchability like most superhero popcorn movies ? maybe just for popcorn with mindless action.

 rating it - 2/5

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