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Spoiler Version of the Review [cause the movie sucked]

The Rock makes decent movies look good, like San Andreas.
Lot of things are wrong in this one, sorry Rock - you gotta take a miss.

The there are two scenes which defeat the whole movie's great cinematic gaga effect.

1. Towering Inferno - 94'th floor in fire, need to get to the 98'th floor, climb the construction crane - by hand within 5 minutes !!! what was that ?
2. Jumping from Crane - the crane to building jump off was gravitational unrealistic.
3. The screen awe - the entire ground staff of police, Rock's wife, entire crowd of Japan following Rock's each and every step and jump and crawl - and glued to the giant screen - but no popcorn ? what was that ?

rating it - 1/5

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