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yes you read the title right - it's a movie - not a series.
Thank god Transformers doesnt get made by Netflix or we would have like 5 seasons of them.
ya that's the comparison - cause the episode is just 30 mins long and there are three episodes - now thats cheating.
Who makes just 3 episodes of and calls it a series ? Well we have Sherlock - but thats like a movie per episode and its class apart.

Sorry Netflix poor decision making on converting this to a series - it is a normal 1.5 hours movie.

first ep : good layout - just when things got interesting - the credits rolled
second ep : wait this pace is good for an 8 episode series - but loosing focus
third ep : what utter crap, this is just non-sense.

Does Radhika Ape hog the limelight ? yes
yes the Ape was intentional
Manav Kaul was too lanky - was totally out of sync in his character.
Ratnabali Bhattacharjee plays a confused gender coup leader with a nicely hate-able character.

what else could you do with your 1.5 hours rather than this ? put it in the comments section.

 rating it - 1.5/5

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