ClearOS : What is ClearOS

Welcome to the Linux Operating System where you got no commands to run/type.
A completely web-based free Operating System which is free for life and its Enterprise class - something that you can install on your home pc to covert it to a server with multiple functions and you can just control it via your browser on your phone - ya that's awesome !

What is ClearOS ?

in their own words.......
"ClearOS is an operating system platform that will run on dedicated hardware or in your virtual environment in your home, office, or datacenter. ClearOS runs server, network, gateway, private cloud and cloud-connected applications and services designed for the IT environment. For example, you can use ClearOS as:
  • a finely tuned system with just a handful of specific apps and services to create a specific IT solution, or
  • an Internet gateway to protect your other computers from the outside internet while providing your users with a stable, fast web experience
  • a server where you store your files for secure access inside and outside your network
  • a network platform to facilitate core network services to provide ease of management of your network
  • a cloud platform which allows you to both integrate with cloud services or to become your OWN cloud services provider for your workstations
  • a versatile all-in-one solution that does everything above, or
  • something completely in between! "

Features [very few are paid of course]:


all the above and no commands ever !

What can you use it for ?
If you have a spare pc and want to make it into a movie downloading and home streaming service - this is the one for you.
If you are a hobbyist and you have a spare pc and want to repurpose it - this is the OS to go for.
If you are a startup and need to get a server setup with bunch of features and no cost - this is the one to go for.

and its backed by HPE for enterprise application.

Download now 

What can you install it on ?
a virtual machine 
Your spare PC, or a small Intel NUC - this is how i have it setup.

or get an assembled PC to set this awesome OS up.

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