OTHERLIFE 2017 : NETFLIX - The Review

The good, the great and the awesome.

The good -
A good change from the regular american and british actors, this is an australian film and it lives up to its advertisement.

The great - 
being a netflix sci fi staple genre - go in with low or no expectations- you will be dazzeled.

The Awesome -
The effects, the editing, the cinematography, the acting, the pace of the movie.
It was immersive - relatable, action and reaction by the protagonist made total sense.  When the director puts the actor into agony - you feel it, you want to escape from that clutchy feeling just as much. It took 10 minutes after the movie to really get out of it - which is a superb feeling.

Rating 4.5/5

It falls right into the shelf along side Tron and Inception - nuff said. And it also feels like a good episode from Black mirror.
It renews the production quality of Netflix - ace ! Does not feel low grade or low quality - every tiny detail - within and outside the dream are carefully edited, you will not be able to guess where the character is really stuck in.

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