EXTINCTION 2018 : NETFLIX - The Review

Am a Michael Pena fan after the Ant-Man meme's. Good to see him as a lead in this Netflix Sci-fi movie.

a decent flick - which fits right into the Netflix's fav genre Science Fiction, they somehow love pouring money over this type of content. The actors did convey their messages fine, the director makes us read the action as a below average in start - then mind boggling in middle and not a completely satisfactory ending. Not going to be memorable beyond a week - you would rush to tell your sci-fi enthusiast friend to watch it - but you wont recommend it to everyone. It does have kids - but is not kid friendly movie.

Rating 3/5

This fits right into the Black Mirror as an episode of Season 5 probably. It's a good AI and Droid movie. How the director makes us see the basic husband wife emotions and then introduces that they are humanoid's and the alien invaders are infact humans. Reverse physch. The elder girl being the lift then makes sense and the irritating crying girls - totally make sense for good AI build up. Also the question which will linger in your mind - how did a mexican dude get an cute american wife is answered right in the reveal.

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