To Kindle or Not to Kindle

To Kindle or not to Kindle

The Dilemma : The Urge : The Itch

You have been bombarded with sleek awesome photos of Kindle in these awkwardly amazing locations [edge of a cliff is really a risky place to read btw]. 

This post is for those who already own a tablet and are magnetized via advertisements to get the Kindle. These are points to convince the budget friendly and non-spend thrift folks who would love to not stock pile their cupboard with gadgets and then sell those off in clearance sale online via Quikr. 

This is to convince you - hence a few cents which would make you stick to your existing tablet.

1. Color
marvel (might) release its new comic books and you want to read it - Thor's lost adventures with guardians of galaxy and its released in color and you love to see that rainbow bridge thor uses to jump to different realms - well sorry thats not possible on Kindle.

Thats why you own a Tablet - be it an Ipad or Android Tablet - its got color man ! and with applications like -  eReader Prestigio [cause i love android] you got uber cool animation and modes of reading the same book.

Day - Sepia - Night

Round 1 
Kindle 0 - Tablet 1


2. Animation

Do you remember Tetris - yes the lovely block game from the 90's childhood times.
Kindle got it's slow draw out e-ink technology - which is like the 1990's Tetris gaming devices - or even more poor so with slow pixelation. It currently is in a generation gap with the technology. E-ink would have made more sense if it had color - alas :(

Feast your eyes on this beauty >>>

Here is your tablet - full of color and life and smooth creamy buttery page flips (non-trans fat) which really gives you the feel of reading a book.

Round 2 
Kindle 0 - Tablet 2


3. Battery

I'll be back ! Astalavista Baby ! 
is what your tab would says to kindle....

Kindle has plain and simple weeks of battery - you cant beat that !
Yes its totally useful if you are venturing out into the dense amazonian jungles and you will have no supply of fresh water or power plugs for weeks.

Do you really need weeks of battery charge - you read for a few hours and then you get back to doing things - then you might read some more- the average tablet has battery lasting capabilities of 7-8 hours. Charge it after your done for the day damn it ! 

Wait what ! you have a power bank ? Wow use that !

Round 3 
Kindle 1 - Tablet 2


4. Functionality

Did you hear about the fight between Superman and Tintin ? Oh what a fight - Tintin kept throwing his 1 dimensional non-super powers at Kal-El and no that didnt end well of Tintin.

Tintin = Kindle - the uni-functional 1 dimensional being who can do nothing but read books in pixelated black and white n surf net to get books.

Superman = All Powerful - surf internet, download books, applications, camera, calling capabilities, can fly (drones).......etc

Round 4 
Kindle 1 - Tablet 3


5. Storage
That's the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in remote Arctic on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen and built 120 metres into a sandstone mountain, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault contains the world's largest collection of seeds, capacity to store 2.5 billion seeds, protecting up to 4.5 million varieties of crops. 

Thats what your Tablet feels like compared to a rented storage space the kindle has.

Thousands of books is what Kindle says it can store - yes fabulous, 4gb ! Remember you are reading this in the year 2017 and its still 4gb.

Round 5 
Kindle 1 - Tablet 3


6. Weight & Dimensions
When Ant-Man Shrinks down, his bae doesnt like it. It just is not enough. Yet again Thor's Mjölnir to the rescue.

The Kindle is light since its doesn't have to do much and its uni-functional  and with 4gb storage its gotta be light AF. 6 inches is all Kindle loves - it doesn't want the world to read more than that - its ok !

The Lightest Mjölnir (tablets) just cant defeat this meager device. Some folks just need bigger screens and bigger fonts !

Round 6 
Kindle 1 - Tablet 4


Final result

your tablet !

So be proud - you now just saved money ! and own a eReader which sucks you into a world which is only limited by your own vivid active colorful imagination.



  1. Whoa!! Never thought about a potential fight between Tintin and Superman (and I mean Kindle and Tablet), at least never imagined that Tablet would win :P
    But thanks to this analysis, I have saved my 11 grand that I can spend this Saturday on booze...

    Great article, btw...keep such stuff flowing...!!

  2. Awesome comparison. How about a comparison between an
    iPhone and an Android??

  3. Que bien, me gusta este artículo.