Hack a Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox 360 Slim

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on adding a sata harddrive to your poor 4gb storage xbox 360 s, why you ask ? coz microsoft own expansion drives are 3x the cost.

Things you need ::

1. Compatible harddrive - available on amazon

- WD Scorpio Series BEAS/BEVS
WD600BEAS - 60GB
WD800BEAS - 80GB
WD1000BEAS - 100GB
WD1200BEAS - 120GB
WD1600BEAS - 160GB
WD2000BEAS - 200GB
WD2500BEAS - 250GB
WD600BEVS - 60GB
WD800BEVS - 80GB
WD1000BEVS - 100GB
WD1200BEVS - 120GB
WD1600BEVS - 160GB
WD2000BEVS - 200GB
WD2500BEVS - 250GB

WD3200BEVS - 320GB
WD600BEVT - 60GB
WD800BEVT - 80GB
WD1200BEVT - 120GB
WD1600BEVT - 160GB
WD2000BEVT - 200GB
WD2500BEVT - 250GB
WD3200BEVT - 320GB
WD4000BEVT - 400GB
WD5000BEVT - 500GB
WD6400BEVT - 640GB
WD1600BPVT - 160GB
WD2500BPVT - 250GB
WD3200BPVT - 320GB
WD5000BPVT - 500GB
WD6400BPVT - 640GB
WD7500BPVT - 750GB
WD2500LPVT - 250GB
WD3200LPVT - 320GB
WD5000LPVT - 500GB
WD5000LPVX - 500GB
WD5000BPVX - 500GB
WD5000LPCX - 500GB
WDBMYH5000ANC-NRSN - 500GB [Retial Boxed]

- WD Scorpio Black Series BEKT/BJKT/BPKT/LPLX
WD800BEKT - 80GB
WD1200BEKT - 120GB
WD1600BEKT - 160GB
WD2500BEKT - 250GB
WD3200BEKT - 320GB
WD5000BEKT - 500GB
WD800BJKT - 80GB
WD1200BJKT - 120GB
WD1600BJKT - 160GB
WD3200BJKT - 320GB
WD5000BJKT - 500GB
WD3200BPKT - 320GB
WD5000BPKT - 500GB
WD7500BPKT - 750GB
WD5000LPLX - 500GB
WD5000BPKX - 500GB

- WD AV-25 Series BUDT
WD1600BUDT - 160GB
WD2500BUDT - 250GB
WD3200BUDT - 320GB
WD5000BUDT - 500GB

- WD VelociRaptor Series HLFS/BLFS
WD1500HLFS - 150GB
WD1600HLFS - 160GB
WD3000HLFS - 300GB
WD1500BLFS - 150GB
WD1600BLFS - 160GB
WD3000BLFS - 300GB

2. Bootable_USB_Drive_Creator_Tool 
3. HddHackr_v1.40_Build_20130303
4. Compatible .bin file as per drive size

5. A bootable pendrive

Get started !

1. Format the pen drive
Launch the Bootable USB Drive Creator Tool as administrator

Now your drive is ready - copy the two files to the drive

hddhackr and the (rename your file to) hddss.bin file matching the drive size

B. You have two options with the drive- boot it as usb drive or as i did - replace the hdd of the laptop. and boot with the pendrive.

C. You will be welcomed to the good old ms-dos, run the hddhackr command.

choose your drive

choose F to Flash

enter the file name hddss.bin

type the undo.bin

confirm the flash

confirmation screen

you are done - your drive is ready.
You do not need the hdd caddy/enclosure for the drive -just a tape does the job. Keep like a inch of tape extra for grabbing the drive.

Plug the drive into the xbox 360 slim - power on and head to the settings - storage.



it asks for the device serial number

format progress

500gb hdd is now available for xbox 360 usage.



  1. Where is the bin for WD5000LPCX or can I use other one?

  2. Can this be used on the OG 360? If using a 1TB drive, does the whole drive become available? Does the extra 500GB become storage? Do you lose it?

  3. the whole drive becomes available.