Best Android App for Downloading Torrents : Flud

We hope you are still not using a basic app for your torrent needs on your android device. By basic we mean uTorrent or Bittorrent.

Here is our recommendation 
 Flud - the Free and Super Torrent Downloader.

Lets start !

1. Extensive options :

Hitting the settings menu give you a plethora of things to do.

2. Queue management
From the menu > Modify Queue

3. Per File Priority

4. Tracker Editing
For those unfamiliar - trackers are the market place seeders come and advertise themselves - more/better the tracker - more the seeders - super speeds.

Here is a view of all trackers that came with the torrent, sometimes with magnet links - you don't get the complete list of trackers - you can go back and fetch them from the sites.

5. Per torrent Settings

Sharing the magnet link - Saving the torrent file - force re announce (useful to get updated seeders from the tracker)

6. Flud App Settings

bandwidth control

Queue automation

Storage settings like - save the torrent file, move download after completion. 

Network settings-  this one is excellent
make sure you check all these goodie boxes - esp the 'always contact all trackers'

Power Management - lets your app control your phones mood and concentration 

Love to tell when to download ? Here you go.

7. RSS Feeds

Have your fav sites from where you gather your media - they usually have RSS feeds - subscribe to them via the Feed Manager

Love this check box in the feed - auto download !

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2nd last......
status bar speed notification.

ooo ooo and yes 
it comes in themes - dark and white !

Would like to give uTorrent a nod for introducing the torrent desktop app to android - to put it politely but your android app sucks royally - has memory loss issues - torrents get wiped - has no or super less features - RIP uTorrent on Android.


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