Top 5 Must have Android/iOS Reading Apps 2016


There is a reason why this app is popular, It deftly combines articles, videos, social medical into one common interface. It is feature rich and print style digital magazine. It's available on Android and iOS. You can integrate Facebook, twitter feed directly into this app. Recently updated version contains significant changes such as more streamlined interface, option to save and share articles. You can essentially create a group and add interesting articles to that group. It encourages people to follow various topics, people and magazines. App is recently updated to add pocket (another app to store webpages offline, more details are below) so that you can read articles offline as well.

Android Link : Flipboard 
iOS Link        : Flipboard 


If you are tech savvy and always interested in checking latest update and news related to your handset or OS you are using then Drippler is one of the must have App, After installation this app scans your phone and fetches information such as model of the phone, operating system details. It keeps tab on latestes news related to your mobile phone such as new operating system is in rolling out, which careers started upgrading to new OS, Which are must use App, Gadgets related to your phone. You can save preference so that daily your will get drip (alert) at certain time in day, I set this drip alert at 6 pm so that I can check all news everyday at the time of leaving office.

Android Link : Drippler 
iOS Link        : Drippler 


Curiosity is provides information in form of daily digest system, each day at a specific time you can receive your digest, this digest will contain 5 interesting facts that probably you might not be aware about. Such as where is fastest roller coaster located? what is it's maximum speed, Which was the first mammal that got extinct due to climate change.

Android Link : Curiosity
iOS Link        : Curiosity


This is a must app for those who are lazy and don't read all news in details, inshorts intelligently shortens news for you, usually news will be consist of 60 words or less, This helps if you are in hurry and have no time to go through lengthy news article which describes each and every inch of details. 
Interesting fact is it's a Delhi based Indian startup funded by flipkart cofounders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Android Link : inShorts
iOS Link        : inShorts


How many time you felt a need of having a cross platform link sharing utility, such as if you are reading something interesting on office laptop and you thought let's read it later, on the way home you could easily read same article on your phone, biggest problem in such approach in link or data may be lost. Pocket provides solution to such problem, it downloads and keeps article stored offline so that you can read it later on, whether on flight or travelling through train where you don't have wifi/mobile data. As I mentioned earlier pocket is integrated with flipboard app. Pocket also has chrome and firefox extensions so that you can save those link from anywhere, you can not just save articles you can save videos as well.

Android Link : Pocket
iOS Link        : Pocket

These are my list of apps, If you have any interesting reading app then please let us know in comment below.

Aniket Deshmukh

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