Rooting the Lyf Flame 1

Steps to root your Reliance LYF Flame 1
This method should apply to all LYF phones.

Download the Rooting Application : KingRoot
alternatively you could go to the site -

Screenshots of how the app will root your phone

Make sure you uninstall the Jio Security application, cause it doesn't love KingRoot.

Things to do right after rooting !

Overclocking with - Device Control 
Power Save & Deep Sleep with - Greenify 
Screen Recording - AZ Screen Recording 
Delete Bloatware

and much more

Your LYF device can be rooted with same steps 
Lyf Water 6 | Water 6
 Lyf Water 4 | Water 4
 Lyf Flame 5 | Flame 5
 Lyf Water 7 | Water 7
Lyf Wind 1 | Wind 1
 Lyf Wind 5 |Wind 5
 Lyf Flame 6 | Flame 6
 Lyf Flame 4 | Flame 4
 Lyf Flame 3 | Flame 3
 Lyf Wind 4 | Wind 4
 Lyf Flame 2 | Flame 2
 Lyf Water 5 | Water 5
 Lyf Wind 6 | Wind 6
 Lyf Flame 1 | Flame 1
 Lyf Water 2 | Water 2
 Lyf Water 1 | Water 1
 Lyf Earth 1 | Earth 1
 Lyf Earth 2 | Earth 2


  1. it wont work right away, it didnt for me either, i performed the scan and then submitted a request via the app, and then after a few days it got auto rooted. So definitely wait for a few days and it will be rooted....

  2. Ican't even install King root I don't know what the problem is ?

  3. The problem would be during the installation it prompts if the its safe to install, you need to drop down and select the install anyway, that is how it will go through

  4. I got the working method for rooting Flame 1, newer or older, any version of KingRoot didn't work for me. Just uninstall Sverify, Jio Security & Net Velocity & reboot mobile. Then on USB debugging & OEM unlock from developer option menu. Install latest version of Kingo Root app on PC and connect mobile and root.

    1. i cant find Sverify in app list, is it third party app or preintalled...?

    2. Severify may be third party app...but when I bought the mobile it was preinstalled in phone

    3. try kingroot from pc, rather than on phone.

  5. root using the same technique, use kingroot.

    1. used these steps
      failed after 60%
      Jio Security alrdy not installed in my phone
      having lyf flame 1

    2. what is the version of android OS / update you have ? will compare with mine.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. flame 1 with latest 5.1.1 update from lyf

  6. not working for LYF water...

  7. This method is not working with lyf wind 5 there any other method to root wind 5 ?

  8. My flame 1 has not root with kingroot app its fail after 30% please help

  9. the phonecannot be rooted no policy is fixed if you succeeded show video

  10. flame 1 super user not installed why?how to solve?

  11. How to root LYF water 11 please tell plzzz I want to root my device.

  12. I also tried removing jio security but not able to root. Kindly give the root method with snapshot


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