Iphone6 & iphone6plus : the reaction

The iPhone 2014 or iphone6 and its monster brother iphone6plus look like hasty release to market with last years phones and reintroducing #iphone3 body edge curves.
The release is feeling rushed and like they are secretly holding back some awesome features on purpose so that they can sell the #iphone6s and #iphone6sPlus.

How else do they come up with ideas n improvements all the time?
3 features for now 7 for 's'.

Apple has fallen for peer pressure and given in to large size screens. Gone are the days where the aesthetics gurus of #apple raved about sensible sizes and thumb to screen coverage.

The designers have given up their comfort zone to market demand and sheer competition, where is the art ?

4.7 inch and 5.5 inch are direct targets for android phones, windows phones and what browser company operating systems like Firefox are coming out with.

The size is not looking back, no fallback to base size, it's like humans will keep on wanting large size phones and equally mutating into large handed freaks.

Just never understood how can you slap your face with that phablet or tablet - just wake up already - that looks dumb.


They have introduced the future of yester-years - NFC. Just cause they never fiddled with it, doesn't mean its awesome.
Apple zombies would now start touching every damn they come in contact with.

8 megapixel camera in 2015 just sounds so poor already, something the 's' will upgrade for sure.


4K video recording
Memory expansion
Wireless battery charging


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