How to Make Free Capacitive Stylus for Galaxy S2,S3 & iPhone : DIY

Capacitive touchscreens are very sensitive and easy to operate. But sometimes you really feel need of having a Stylus for several operations like sketching. Most of the Phone manufacturers doesn`t offer Capacitive Stylus within the box except Galaxy Note. If you want to buy Capacitive stylus then you have to shed min $10 to $50. But now you can make it free of cost using common household thing in few minutes. Read on for details and video guide.

This stylus should work on all Capacitive touch Screens

You need below items to make a Capacitive Stylus
  • A Ordinary Pen
  • Cotton
  • Small piece of conducting wire
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Water to wet the cotton
Stuff the pen using Cotton and make a little cotton out from the tip as it ball pen. Now drip some drops of water on cotton to make it wet.Now put a small piece of wire in to the pen at one end and keep the other end of wire outside. Now wrap the aluminum foil over the pen so that foil is in contact with wire piece.

That`s it... Now your stylus is ready,

Make sure your finger always touch the foil to pass the charge to cotton.

If pen doesn`t work after some time, you might need to wet the cotton again.


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