Rooting i9100g - kernel + doomlord method

so your earlier methods didnt work - just doomlord does not work - time to go Kernel !

Flashing rooted kernel
Advantages :
 Fast method, CWM support directly assuming the rooted kernel supports it.
 Applicable to almost all stock firmware even up to the latest so far.

Disadvantages :
 A bit dangerous, soft bricked may or may not occurred.
 Without USB jig, warranty will be voided as binary counter is increased and yellow triangle occurred. Without USB jig, only yellow triangle can be removed. Binary counter can only be reset with USB jig and only from old bootloader (KJ2 and lower)

How To :
 Download the rooted kernel
Superatmos (version 2.1 is very stable and recommended)
 Download Mode : Turn off phone. Hold vol down+home+turn on button. Release the on button after phone is turning on. After a few second, release all buttons. After that vol up
 Run Odin, connect phone with usb cable, yellow COMx will be shown in Odin
 Re-partition should not be ticked (no pit file is required here)
 Select PDA button, choose the downloaded kernel file (usually a .tar file)
 Click Start, a PASS will be shown if succeed
 Result : rooted (Superuser) and CWM recovery

Sometimes the SuperUser just runs off - so after the rooted kernel you need to have the SuperUser injection done >

How To :
 Download the toolkit first (DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit)
 Tick USB debugging (settings->Applications->Development), if unticked before
 Tick Unknown sources (settings->Applications)
 Using windows task manager, "end task" ADB.exe and all KIES related software if running
 Connect phone using provided cable, ADB driver for the phone will be installed automatically assuming you have installed KIES first
 Double click the "runme.bat"

The dos prompt output should match >

              Easy rooting toolkit (v3.0)
                   created by DooMLoRD
        using exploit zergRush (Revolutionary Team)
   Credits go to all those involved in making this possible!
 [*] This script will:
     (1) root ur device using latest zergRush exploit (16 Nov)
     (2) install Busybox (1.18.4)
     (3) install SU files (binary: 3.0.3 and apk: 3.0.6)
 [*] Before u begin:
     (1) make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device
     (2) enable "USB DEBUGGING"
           from (Menu\Settings\Applications\Development)
     (3) enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES"
           from (Menu\Settings\Applications)
     (4) [OPTIONAL] increase screen timeout to 10 minutes
     (5) connect USB cable to PHONE and then connect to PC
     (6) skip "PC Companion Software" prompt on device
Press any key to continue . . .
--- STARTING ----
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *
--- cleaning
--- pushing zergRush"
562 KB/s (23060 bytes in 0.040s)
--- correcting permissions
--- executing zergRush

[**] Zerg rush - Android 2.2/2.3 local root
[**] (C) 2011 Revolutionary. All rights reserved.

[**] Parts of code from Gingerbreak, (C) 2010-2011 The Android Exploid Crew.

[+] Found a GingerBread ! 0x00000118
[+] Found a Samsung, running Samsung mode
[*] Scooting ...
[*] Sleeping a bit (~40s)...
[*] Waking !
[*] Sending 149 zerglings ...
[*] Sleeping a bit (~40s)...
[*] Waking !
[*] Sending 189 zerglings ...
[-] Hellions with BLUE flames !
if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
   disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
   toggle "USB DEBUGGING" (first disable it then enable it)
Press any key to continue . . .
--- pushing busybox
1278 KB/s (1075144 bytes in 0.821s)
--- correcting permissions
--- remounting /system
--- copying busybox to /system/xbin/
2099+1 records in
2099+1 records out
1075144 bytes (1.0MB) copied, 0.053833 seconds, 19.0MB/s
--- correcting ownership
--- correcting permissions
--- installing busybox
--- pushing SU binary
1010 KB/s (22228 bytes in 0.021s)
--- correcting ownership
chown: unknown user/group root:shell
--- correcting permissions
--- correcting symlinks
--- pushing Superuser app
4157 KB/s (785801 bytes in 0.184s)
--- collecting crashlog
1185 KB/s (4741 bytes in 0.003s)
--- cleaning
--- rebooting
Press any key to continue . . .

Phone reboots and voila you have a kernel + soft rooting done.


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