XXLPH - Samsung Galaxy S2 - SII - I9100 - ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich - 4.0.3

It is too late for this post, but worth wait.

Yep. I was testing the XXLPH for some time and here are the good and bad.

XXLPH - Stock ROM has good things, however there are so many Samsung Apps. I don't like those which utilizes more processing and more memory.

Then I was waiting for Wanam, to post his custom ROM. He released some versions of custom ROM. Finally I was most satisfied with his v9.1 .

Here are the good and bad about WANAMLITE v9.1:

# CRT OFF Animation has a glitch - This is a Kernel Issue, Wanam has nothing to do.
# Email app, now without Security Policies. - Yes we can use office email without PIN Lock.
# Market now as Google Play - Same features , don't see anything new in it.
# TW Launcher Included - Unnecessary, but some body requested.
# APEX Launcher, Nova Launcher and Trebuchet Launcher. - I like APEX.
# Notifications - Quick Panel Settings- Fully customizable.
# ICS Themed.
# Camera Sound Disabled.
# Google Apps updated to Latest version.
# CWM Latest.
# Siyah Kernel - 3.0 with Some improvements ( I don't know what are the inprovements :P)
# 3D Gallery included.

Download : http://goo.gl/skMVr (Select File - > Download)

Mirrors :

  • http://xda.toxi.at/index.php?dir=WanamLite_ICS
  • http://turbobit.net/ocwu4mrbzbx5.html
  • http://depositfiles.com/files/uay69z1y8
  • https://rapidshare.com/files/3239809289/GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPH.V9.1.NO-WIPE.zip
  • http://fp.io/3bamd4ad/
  • http://jumbofiles.com/rsviuix07z4s/GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPH.V9.1.NO-WIPE.zip.html
  • http://narod.ru/disk/43047777001.8d97014d9ceb27eee3e2d7cc8261fb59/GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPH.V9.1.NO-WIPE.zip.html

  • How to install :
    •  Copy my rom to internal sdcard.
    •  BACKUP.... BACKUP..... BACKUP.....
    •  If you came from a Gingerbread or AOSP Rom or if you use Stock Email, you MUST WIPE your data
    •  Flash my rom from Recovery
    •  Reboot & enjoy, let the phone to boot up, at least 5 minutes to let media scanner finish.

    Important : This ROM says No-WIPE, however I would suggest everyone to WIPE Data and WIPE Cache, then install. You will not get any force close for any apps.


    Default, Galaxy SII has a big icons and big letters. Sometimes it is annoying. So here is a wonderful tool from JRummy. ROMTOOLBOX. There are two versions, FREE and PRO. You can download from Market.

    Note: Requires ROOT Access.

    Reduce the character size: Open ROM Tool Box -> Performance Tab -> buildprop Tweaks -> LCD Density - > 180 ( Default is 240. You can reduce up to 160 in S2).

    If you reduce the Density,  phone dialer will reduce the size. So you can use any third party dialers to avoid that.

    Disclaimer : The information provided above is "AS IS" and no warranty.


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