Feb 2012 Movie Reviews

Immortals | 6.5/10 | well explained story which is ok - with excellent eye candy, memorable scenes and star cast..a must watch

Transit (2012) | 5/10 | family vs bad guys, good pace, some plot holes try to kill the story, but Jim keeps it in place

The Innkeepers (2011) | 6/10 | hitchcock style talk about the axe murderer, than show the axe murderer - some jumpy scenes

Perfect Sense (2011) | 6/10 | eva green is always gonna be rose water 4 sore eyes, the stages of sense-loss are unbelievable but keep u glued

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) | 5/10 | its outrageous as usual, but does not have the comic feel in it, hate the hi-frame rate camera work

The Descendants (2011) | 7/10 | well paced - mix of comedy/drama, brilliant acting by Clooney, feels like a trip to Hawaii...must watch

Real Steel (2011) | 5.5/10 | too many plot holes try to kill the mood, but the hear of Rocky and Jackman's screen presence keeps u glued

The Warrior (2011) | 7.5/10 | the real face-off, gr8 acting story and pace, believable and likable - Joel Edgerton is a star to watch out

What's your number ? (2011) | 6/10 | Anna Faris's comic timing will amaze u once again, formalistic and predictable romcom with decent acting

Justice League : Doom (2012) | 6/10 | JL vs some new goons, with such a short span & vivid imagery - u r left with wanting more, good ride


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