Customizing the Launcher 7 Shell

to look like this -

once you install Launcher 7 you will be invited with blank main tile space.
go to the right hand apps - hold and 'pin to home screen'

or for special tiles like the Contact Tile, bring options up - 'Add special tile'

Initially Launcher 7 looks very crude and bloated and not smooth.
to tweak that - go into 'Launcher7 settings'

on the main setting screen
Enable smaller tiles
Use system font

then >
Animation Options :
Animate while scrolling
Bouncy scrolling
Alternate tile alignment

Status bar options :
Use WP7 style status bar
Transparent status bar
Battery percentage

To get Live Wallpaper / Custom Background-
change 'background color' to 'System Wallpaper'
then 'Change wallpaper' to the pic or live wallpaper you want.

Modify transparency 
in 'Tile Color' > Custom Color > drag for your transparency choice and apply.

You are now done !
enjoy !



  1. Thank You very much for the tips.
    Can you help me how to set the tile so it can function to direct dial ?

  2. Where is the settings?? I can't find it anywhere.