Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 vs i9100g

You might find there are some slightly different of the Samsung Galaxy S2 that you purchase now compare to the Samsung Galaxy S II that your friend purchased a few months back. Basically Samsung has blend both the model GT-I9100 and GT-I9100G into the market and treated it as Samsung Galaxy S2 but you may find that some of the users commented that both are not the same and there are performance differences when you run some resources crunching app/ games. So how true is it? And is there really a differences between GT-I9100 vs. GT-I9100G? Today, we going to reveal it all today.
What is the Main Differences Between I9100 and I9100G?

Basically both the I9100 and I9100G have the identical features as claimed by Samsung but the only thing that differentiate both is the processor and GPU that the unit run. I9100 run on 1.2GHz ARM CortexA9 Exynos 4210and ARM Mali-400 GPU while I9100G uses Texas Instruments OMAP4430 CPU and PowerVR SGX540 GPU.
While according to the review from Lowyat member, the processor for I9100G seems to be capped at lower clock speed of 1008Mhz and it seldom goes up till the 1.2GHz as claim by Samsung even while performing Stress Test or benchmarks. But one thing for sure, the I9100G seem to have a better control of Galaxy S2′s poor battery life and overheating issue faced by most of I9100 users.  And as claim by the review, user of I9100G may encounter some problem to download some apps / games in the Android Market/Samsung Apps on I9100G as it failed to be optimized for the TI processor.

In short, Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 is using Samsung own Exynos 4210 SoC CPU and ARM Mali-400 GPU. And GT-I9100G uses Texas Instruments OMAP4430 CPU and PowerVR SGX540 GPU.


- Doesn’t overheat easily, better battery life.
- CPU seems to be capped at 1008 MHz.
- Poorer 3D performance.
- Can’t download apps / games developed for Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 in Samsung Apps / Android Market.
- Fonts in PAPAGO! very small.
- Not much custom firmware / modification

- Overheat easily, poor battery life on Android 2.3.3. Android 2.3.5 fixed it.
- Fully use 1.2 GHz CPU.
- Better 3D performance.
- Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) support with Chainfire3D Pro.
- Lot of custom firmware, kernel, modification, tweaks…

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Here is the snapshot of official statement from Samsung Malaysia in the Facebook regarding the issue:
“Hi all. Samsung released both device variants (I9100 and I9100G), which are being released at the same price and provide identical product features (including Super AMOLED plus screen and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor). The difference in chipsets does not impact the overall product performance in any one variant relative to the other. Product packaging remains the same for both variants, although the device type for each model is clearly labeled in the packaging.”

Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 vs. I9100G Ultimate Comparison?

1.2Ghz dual core Exynox 4210.1.2Ghz dual core TI OMAP4430.
Overheat easily.Doesn’t overheat easily.
Poor battery life. (Fixed with Android 2.3.5)Better battery life.
Fully run at 1.2 GHz CPU.CPU capped at 1008 MHz.
So far no apps/ games compatibility issue reported.Might have more apps/ games compatibility issue.Some games developed for GT-I9100 like Asphalt 6 can’t be launch on it.
Better 3D performance.Poorer 3D performance.
Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) support with Chainfire3D Pro.Not supported.
Lot of custom firmware, kernel, modification, tweaks.Not much custom firmware / modification.
Normal text font in PAPAGOVery small fonts size in PAPAGO
Perform better and less lag while browsing the Internet and score better when opening apps/multi tasking.Might feel lag when opening up too many app compare to GT-I9100 model.

Benchmark Comparison Between GT-I9100 and GT-I9100G

NenaMark2 Benchmark
GL Benchmark
AnTuTu Benchmark

How to Identify Whether Your Samsung Galaxy S II is I9100 or I9100G?

Basically there are three way which you could check whether your unit or the unit of Samsung Galaxy S II you would like to purchase is I9100 or I9100G.
  • Check on the label at the bottom of the box.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 vs GT-I9100G Box
  • Go to the phone setting to verify it.  Settings > About phone > Model number
  • Boot up screen when you boot up
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G GT-I9100 Boot Up Screen

Which Samsung S2 Model Should You Buy? GT-I9100 or GT-I9100G?

From the comparison above, it seem that I9100 fare better compare to I9100G, if price of both units is the same then I9100 should be a better option since Samsung improved the I9100 I/O, 3D performance and battery life with the latest Android firmware ver 2.3.5. But if short battery life is your main concern and you don’t  want to mess with the firmware update thing then I9100G should be good enough for you. On the other hand, if you are some hardcore gamer and like to play with the custom firmware and kernel modification thing then you should try to get the model I9100 instead.


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