WanamLite V7.6 XXLP6 4.0.3 - Galaxy S2 - ICS

WanamLite V7.6 XXLP6 4.0.3 Clean ICS Themed

This is a mirror site of another. Thanks to Wanam. Here i want to tell something. Wanam has released another version 7.7. However the the Stock browser in 7.7, force closes a lot. When i tested the 7.6, it was more stable than 7.7.

Changes log:
  • Based on XXLP6 (Lite less than 200Mo)
  • LP6 Kernel
  • LP6 modem
  • Enabled CRT TV Animation
  • AOSP Email
  • Enabled built in SIP
  • Fixed GPS + Rapid lock
  • AOSPized apps
  • Disabled Scroll caching (faster scrolling)
  • Facebook “like” and “Comment” fixed.
  • Enabled Custom animation (data/local)
  • Nexus Prime boot animation
  • Usual tweaks
How to install :
  • Copy my rom to internal sdcard
  • If you came from a Gingerbread or AOSP Rom or if you use Stock Email, you MUST WIPE your data
  • Flash my rom from Recovery
  • Reboot & enjoy, let the phone to boot up, at least 5 minutes to let media scanner finish.
Known issues :
 If you use a stock Exchange account, you must wipe your email & exchange data.
 If you have any Market issue :
  • Open the stock browser, and go to Android market web site it will ask you to use Market app, select it and go ahead (Thanks to Ayman).
  • If the above solution doesn’t work, remove your Gmail account, reboot and add it again.
 DO NOT CHECK “Force GPU rendering” on Developer options as it may causes some issue (Lock wallpaper…)
Samsung apps available on add-ons page.
If you have any Home button/Lock screen/Reboot issue on ICS Roms, refer to this solution.


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