Themes for Windows Phone

The first release of the Themes for Windows Phone application. This early release comes with all the goodies we've demoed, and without further ado, here's the juicy bits:


Customize any tile (system or third party, including Marketplace)
Use your image as a background for the tiles
Use an accent color for overlay transparency
Import themes
Export themes
A bundle of joy with easy personalization ;)

A developer unlocked device (no interop needed)

Download the file, run ThemeConfig, and start customizing!
Import the XAP files from the themes folder, and then hit deploy with the phone connected and Zune turned on.

One theme can be deployed at a time as the actions for each icon set matches a particular guid, so for now unfortunately you cannot have a mix of different themes - part icons this and part icons that.

You can customize the tiles - by using .ico files from windows ! :)

watch the following video before continuing, as it will give you a rundown of how it works

Video Demo

contains bonus themes >


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