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The below mentioned opinion is my own and are not directly related or sponsoring any brand, these are just to influence your buying decision making will :)

time to round up the top three companies ruling the cellphone OS thrones.

iphone - stands for quality and high price = high esteems product - the rolce royce

android  - stands for dynamic and non-stand variety = the customizable honda's

windows phone - stand for mutli-colgarnamate multi-national company putting on a new fight = the ford's

the nitty gritty details looks like this >


geek unfriendly
app for everything
add-on hardware due to standardization
iOS is not given to other manufacturers
apple tax
premium phone bracket

iphone applies its highest apple tax on majority of the products. Apple if you are listening - you only design your products in US, but manufacture and assemble them in china...
you charge more - market well and price them high - causing ppl to feel that ooo factor when one buys it...his market share for panache goes up.
you had the upper hand with the touch phone with capacitative screen - elminating the stylus....good one....but god-damn you are rigid as hell....the same form factor and design since you launch...iphone 4s looks just the same....price is as much as a alienware netbook.
you got siri and she responds to voice command...bravo.
but really hardware wise, design wise, OS wise, feature bump up - looks pretty much the same from first gen to iphone 4s.


the main draw back of acquiring an iphone is the hardware you are stuck with apple exclusive hardware....the fruit company does not give its software to be used by others...hmm...why so siri.

updates for iOs happen at one go - since they dont have to fulfill the manufacturers wait time - they
integration wise - apple has little to back it up with but promotes it well again.
getting admin/dev access - jailbreaking is a term used by iphoners


cross mega hardware platform capable
highly customizable
low cost to medium range bracket

google picks up the used and tested linux OS which has been to servers deep in the mines -to- run on the space shuttles in the above and beyond and modulates it to fit into your pocket.

started off well, modulated in a few iterations into a powerful customizable phone OS, which fits and works with almost any hardware out there.

that bit of work on any hardware has its downfalls. you design an app which works per certain specifications of screensize and hardware requirements - for eg:- games.....its generally released in the market and it might just work for your cell.
Google doesnt filter or say - hey manufacturer - pls create 480x320 pixel density screens with - they just let the wild beast loose - gud for manufacturer - unstable for end user and developer.

integration wise android can just plug itself into anything.
admin/dev access is rooting, easily doable and many apps out there that depend on this action.

what keeps android ticking is the freedom of dev's and modders coming up with new and 

windows phone 7

big icons
underwhelming at times
makes use of plethora of apps and architecture of microsoft
a fresh start - unique look - bold move
geek unfriendly
too simple
not exiciting
medium to premium phone bracket

remember the stylus and 'start' button on the window mobile OS. ah simpler small iconed scrawny eyed days.....

microsoft decide heck with the tiny windows xp looking OS - we dont need those styluses now - iphone is out with a capacitative screen. stylus is for gamgams'.

the designers ordeal to get something that fits right in between the iphone's sleek design - without getting overtly complicated like the droid. Voila thumb-sq-feet icons. !!!

the bold move of dropping the existing working windows mobile platform with apps and redesigning from scratch - dropping any portability of older window mobile apps and opening the 'marketplace' to new developers.

since the OS started from scratch MS wp7 designers have a wide array of button to turn on or off features wise.
allow bluetooth filetransfer - no
have tiny control for everything - no - keep the phone clean and smooth

integration is the whole and sole bread and butter of this phone, on its own it may not have a great no.of things to do - but with xbox live, skype(neat future), office, etc - which are microsoft's very own products - they gel in quite nicely and least buggy.

admin/dev unlocked hack of cheveronxp was available and then microsoft decided to hire those hackers and then fix the hack via an update. not sure what they do with them afterwards. on 1 side its looks like a great opportunity - u punch the titan and he takes u in - makes u his left hand. hindsight you are abducted career wise.

so hacks are currently available but limited in approach.


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