March 2011 Movie Review

Sanctum | 6/10

other than some cheeky dialogue and predictable characters and story...the movie gives you a unique visual of deep cave expeditions. the father son relationship development is done well within the limits of disastrous times. They could have done away with some people 'esp the couple' and shorten the movie. If you liked 'the abyss' and 'descent' this one is for you.

Frozen | 4.5/10

another 'yawn !' movie.....predictable from start....does not create the fear factor.....poor character choices....and some scenes just dont make sense....has gore which has poor taste....Shawn Ashmore (ICEMAN) is the only person carrying the movie...the only PLUS - camera work.....SPOILER > How can wolves be roaming a ski-resortish place ?

The Hole | 6.5/10
Disturbia meets Zathura meets 'parents who dont see what kids see', watch this movie for 'Nathan Gamble' the next Macaulay Culkin i hope :)...he has the best sub-story best acting and all are 'yada yada yada'...beware its not a kids movie, though it may feel like once in a while.....

All-Star Superman | 7/10
break-neck-speed sups movie, a good worth while animation after sometime, it isnt dumb like the previous lot where you see sups and some supervillian just bashing each other up and destroying property and planets etc, which have no meaning at such at the end....this one has so many things packed into should have just been a mini-series...dont miss a minute and u would have just missed a complete storyline change....animation is great, story is huge !, excellent voiceovers...a must watch for sups fans.

The Fighter | 7.5/10
the struggle in the squared circle and outside, the true variety of Christian Bale - the trust worthy momma's boy Mark Wahlberg - but the real fighter in this movie is > Amy Adams - Mark's love interest - she's a welcome change from the regular set of actresses we have in HollyW, and promising too. Acting is great, the theme of movie is fine, feels lenghty could gets some snips from the editing dept. Is it something new you are going to see ? no. Is it worth watching - yes !

Unknown | 7.5/10
a.k.a 'Bourne Bad Sector' - Liam Neeson does it again, packs a punch. Takes place in Germany so every car is a Mercedes or looks like one. Plot is excellent - acting good - keeps u thinking, so a good suspense thriller. The main leads are good and the story does not contain unnecessary sub-plots which always have a potential to kill the mood.

Faster | 6/10

well it does start off very fast, then slows down, and then characters have sub-plots which feel like the concrete tied to your feet when you are about to being pushed off the ship. Dwayne the driver does his usual good moral guy, ethics. BillBT gets the movie going into some other direction, but the impressive bit was the ego-centric Killer who was stylish. Only driver v/s killer dual would have been awesome. Camera work is good bad and ugly - just like most of the choices made in the movie.

the mechanic |4.5/10
Retired and lonely Mr.Miyagi trains a kid - in this edition to kill without leaving a trace. Slow/not engaging/action seq are entertaining. JasonS was the usual cool stealth mode. BenF is as usual menacing. The movie has a dull tone, of course tapping into the moods of the killers, but not well executed for the audience.


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