April 2011 Movie Review

Source Code | 6.5/10

welcome to the Quantum Leap movie....yes back in 1990's Quantum Leap was theeee sci-fi series to watch....Scott Bakula used to jumpinside somebody else every week - have partial amnesia and try to resolve the issue, solve the crime - yadda yadda...btw Scott gives his voice as Jake's dad...nice...not a coincidence my friend....so what can 'Prince Dastan' from Prince of Persia a.k.a 'Donnie Darko' do - can they revisit time ? - hmm been there done that - ya in both those movies...well lets do it again....with a little bit more scifi....and eye candy in Michelle Monaghan....she is the most stable characters - Jake swings from mission to romance one too many times and there is no logic behind it either....couple of elements dont make sense - but yes its fiction so lets there be zero-g for your brain and let it float..for most this will be easy to gulp down - with 'the matrix within the matrix' back in 2000 and 'dream within a dream' - inception 2010.....it does its thriller duties and decent acting, camera work is decent....its hard to direct a movie - with a concept that would appeal these days and we get a different perspective into it....a dialogue that will ring in your head for some time ........"i took your advice, it was very good advice"...go watch it !

The Next Three Days | 7.5/10

ah the movie of the week and possibly the month ! Russel Crowe has done it again. The real world bite back and that's what is captured in the movie, no easy go - get out of jail free cards. Acting is superb on by Crowe and also Elizabeth Banks and of course special appearance by the Jedi Knight himself Liam Neeson. The city is shot superbly, great camera work - easy on the eyes - no flashes, no handycam or shakycam or blurred vision - which are overkills these days. The story sounds simple but executed and explained in a smart way but not too unnecessary too like 'PB : Scofield'. A thriller with a checkbox which does what it was made for + smart and suspenseful. A must watch.

The Way Back | 6.5/10

A WWII setup - a mighty tag line - crossed the himalayas....the unique set of good actors give this movie a good settings, right after the 'prison break' the adventure begins, what i liked is the realism and 'man v/s wild' attitude show, excellent camera work - NatGEO productions - so has to be the best. The only part that was not really satisfying what the 2 minute cross of himalayas - i mean come on....that was what the poster talked about ! There should have been more footage and adventure up in the mountains. The film boasts about this being a real story, that itself gives any movie a 'credit' - and you instantly become - de-criticized....weapons down...wars over folks....white flags are up. But hang on....there were stories about this feat being just a journey in the mind of a fictitious man....but our director went for the movie when the actual author who did cross - came forward.....so happy real ending for all

Battle : Los Angeles | 4.5/10
after dark knight - had to keep a tab on Aaron Eckhart and this is what he got into. A military angle on UFO invasion, nothing new here...only the actual reference to the real alien attack > http://bit.ly/1lIJzF back in 1942 - but played in current time - which is poor choice - 1942 with its simpler weapons would have been better. Ah well - the shaky cam and micro story doesnt quite give this movie any credit. Acting is not appealing except for Aaron, Michelle Rodriguez plays same old predictable bad-ass macho-woman - as she played in Avatar and Fast n Furious series. The movie has the feel of District 9, but what really really stands out from any other alien movie is that - we are not able to identify the aliens or their space crafts. The design team either was brilliant in camouflaging the description of the alien n their craft - their make, look, design is weird and its hard to really jot down their look - like in predator or alien....which were good looking aliens :p haha....in comparison....anyway...miss this one....its a no go.

I am number four  | 5/10
harry potter meets smallville meets cheesy dialogue movie. Redbull / iphone / youtube / xbox - these references could only mean one thing - this should appeal to the masses - the masses who we call the teen-nation. It has a great story capability, spends too much time in romance. Pop-corn flick - maybe not.

Sucker Punch | 5/10
i was expecting to see Charlies Angles + Inception + Watchmen, but alas i landed watching a highly stylized action movie, which less or no stress on story.....note for all - This has all the look and feel of a Z.Snyder movie...but none of the class story telling, no narrative. Ok lets proceed, acting is ok more about makeup and looks - making most of the actor just furniture...is it engaging - yes...first half.....dazzling - yes through out....predictable - dont start predict the ending...just hop onto this whitewater raft...which goes thru less rapids n more calm water.....does it invoke anything from u as a viewer - nopes....just a firework show ppl....miss it if u can

Insidious | 6.5/10

its been a long time after paranormal activity that a horror movie has done it again...scare
the socks right off your feet, so tie ur shoe laces on this one. First impressions are the
budget of the movie and feel they give....complete opposites....for such a shoes string budget
they got the real money's worth in the output. It has the paranormal activity+Poltergeist combo
without the regular hollywood treatment of cheesy camera work and dialog....its fresh and good
back to basic horror. The leads are convincing, we can immediately step into their
shoes.....3rd footwear reference...not intentional...its just the flow. What is really good -
the chill-thrill, music, camera work and focus on main story, no deviation. Watch out for
hidden stuff allover the movie, clues...and references and any sneaky stuff that moves. Was it
time well spent experiencing something slightly different - yes. memorable unique scenes ? yes. Is it iconic ? maybe not.

Scream 4 | 5.5/10

there wasn't whole lot of screaming in the movie, rather just the long faced masked guy jumping
all over the place, stabbing anyone and almost everyone in the movie. This is recycled garbage
as one the characters says in the movie - about movie remakes, recycled reusable garbage. The
genre of slasher mindless killer - and keeping the movie-goer doubting every character based on
even the slightest gesture of an actor - is well done.
Yes its been 15 years since the first movie came out, but Neve Campbell almost looks the same.
Hayden is dashing and tomboy'ish - does it well. The Mr. and Mrs. Arquette are welcome sight in
this chaos of a movie.
But what really kills the mood - is the overdone young geeks who know the formula of a slasher
flick, these are the rules - this is what might happen next...yada yada. Does not take the
series to a whole new level, was actually irritating at some points, and some logic does not
make sense like - how come FBI or some higher authority not jump in after so many murder ? 
Direction - not so great. Acting was good, story was over done. Miss it if you can.

Hanna | 6/10
First thing to notice - camera work, Second thing to notice - awesome music, what else do you notice - a lot of flaws and loop holes. The story is new - but yes we've been introduced to x-men wolverine and Captain America like training and super soldier concept before too. This one is made for Soairse in mind. Good adventure thriller, but it become too slow in between. Good ride - nice character villians. Eric Bana - appears and steal the show all the time - impressive. Soairse was always awkward - in Lovely Bones and also The Way Back - the alternate to the even more awkarder Dakota Fanning. Feels like an art film more than an entertainer. Nice story, good acting, nice locations - slow pace kills it.

The Adjustmen Bureau | 7/10

Oh boy, was i surprised by this package. Matt Damon does not disappoint. Emily Blunt is so believable and their chemistry - neat ! Mix of Manchurian Candidate + Truman Show + Matrix Revolutions + Jumper. Some new concepts for science fiction geeks. I entered this with some notions of guaranteed boredom - and yes yes surprise - they grab your attention very quickly. Pretty much shot in the city - so no new landscape to cover - but yes camera work has been good. Great acting by every character - doesn't go off track - doesn't give you a chance to think outside the movie - while watching it = nice pace for the thriller. a must watch for all.

Limitless | 7.5/10

One hell of a ride. Fast pace + Superb camera work + impressive acting by Bradley. Getting back to the camera work - they either introduced an infinity zoom - which is seen atleast a bunch of times in the movie. The movie is all about addiction and what it would do to you. A bunch of simple yet effective ideas spiral from the brain enhancing pill. The character is so well maintained by Bradley - from low morale depressed to the hotshot smart guy. Abbie and DeNiro were below par compared to Bradley Cooper. The russian money launderer is class - a Russian version of Jason Statham. Good story and good flow of story makes it a smoking thriller. Watch it twice if you the chance.

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