Performance Tuning your Android

A. Faster Image/Gallery Loading

pop-in the sd-card onto the pc/connect to PC - browse the SDcard to the DCIM folder and move off all the images to the machine...go through other folders - search and destroy.

inside DCIM > .thumbnails - delete all .jpg files - this is created by android when it reads the images...the list normally huge - and gets re-created on the next image read...
keep the least possible images on the card - dont use it as a storage bank.

this speeds up the media scanner run too :)


B. Startup Cleaner Pro - stops apps from starting when android boots up
C. Advanced Task Killer - kills app on the go
D. Fast Reboot - kill all running apps and start all default ones - and quick....

E. Launcher Pro - for main interface
F. no Live Wallpaper
G. Lesser active Widgets on the main screen
H. Lesser home screens - 3 is best
I. Move Apps to SD (Froyo onwards) - use App2SD


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