Ingredients in making of Windows Phone 7

Intergration is the keyword here - taking all the good things Microsoft has in its pocket and put it all together is no simple feat>

Windows Phone 6.5 
the honeycomb upgrade from 6.1 was humble and it had reached its peak - the tiny icons and stylus requirements were getting phased out..capacitative touch screens are the 'in' thing.


This was a good introduction and competition to Adobe's Flash which is reaching its proximity in things it can do. Microsoft experimented and used this platform for interactive menus, video, animation etc...and it clicked. 

Xbox Live
Xbox live on your Windows play on the xbox and earn points - lets get the same system of micro-games on the phone.
Metro Design
the design which is easy to read/follow for anyone - simple smooth design, less color modification - like the airports and highway markers.

Windows 7
The glass theme and simplistic design concepts. Microsoft would be porting the Metro UI over to Windows 8.

Zune interface comes as a primary - it wasn't revolutionary - but it was unique.

Microsoft Game Studios
the Studio's manufacturing xbox live games which are giving Android the run for quality gaming.

was always there - the market wasnt used much eariler and now become mainstream for all shopping - xbox live, microsoft points, avatar goodies, apps, al

ah the search engine...who would miss packing that in..and the neat background everyday !

Microsoft TagReader

Microsoft very own 4 color combo bar code reader - stores links and info.

Cloud computing....

25gb of free storage - pack it in - why not.

Microsoft Surface
Surface's cocenpts and UI design imported


Windows Phone 7

next > ? 
Live Mesh intergration.....waiting.

Tablet concepts are already out....


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