D Next 10 Must have apps on your Android

hit the icons of the apps - to go to the applications Appbrain page and install them on to your droid !

1. SMS Backup
got lots of kewl sms's that you would like to fwd your friends, but dont want to send them right away ? and dont want to keep them on your android either ? why not backup them up to your ginormous gmail account. this one does the trick and also applies a label to backed-up sms's.

2. First Aid
you were finding the needle in the haystack, and ting ! you get poked by one...bleeding ? hit the 'first aid' app....know what to do.

3. JuicePlotter
when did i use up all the battery ? what time of the day does my battery get used the most ? here is an app with neat gfx.

4. SMS Wishes

Ever sent an email from outlook - with a timer - to be sent at 4:00pm on Tuesday the 8th...get this feature for sms's - esp if you know the birthday in advance and don't want to be late in wishing your friend.

5. Txeet : SMS Templates
now that you have sms wishes, you need a template -something good - esp when its high time and you are running out of ideas....browse through some wide ranges and get your message thru.

6. NoLED
dont have an LED light on your phone to display sms's or missed calls - this tiny app shows a black screen with floating icons of the things you just got - email or sms etc...

7. App Lock
Like to show off your android to your friends - and don't want them wandering into your emails or sms's ? well this is what you need.

8. Mabilo Wallpapers
bored of same old scenery or abstract wallpaper for a month now ? get Mabilo wallpapers - a large selection of neat wallpapers, a must have app

9. SystemPanelLite Task Manager
 like a radar screen in an airport ? with all snazzy green and black background with lots of info - a complete system display in neat interface - lets u see proc/mem/storage and network usage - overview and detailed view...must have for system tuning freaks.

10. Skype
well you have used it on the PC and lappy and netbook - it get more miniaturized - its not on our android ! yippe !


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