10 Nifty Widgets to have on your android

hit the icons of the apps - to go to the applications Appbrain page and install them on to your droid !

1. Sense Analog Clock Widget 4x2
 nice large time display, weather info, system info, alarm info....all tucked in a nice widget.

2. Weather Widget
want a dedicated simple weather display - with some nice hand drawn images....go for this...

3. Tweetdeck

 Though Tweetdeck is not just a widget, the app's widget is pretty handy to access all updates from twitter/facebook and google buzz.

4. Fast Reboot

choked up android with that big game you just came out of and want to make a quick call or send out an sms - hit the 'fast reboot' button - kills all apps and restart necessary ones only....neat !

5. Countdown Widget

 Have a flight to catch in few days, big presentation to deliver - or just some plain old birthday - this ones counts down to the d-day...simple and must have.

6. BatteryTime Lite

android's built-in battery indicator is poor no doubt, get this tiny app and widget to get u more detailed info.

7. Blik Calendar Widget 
Calendar are nice, widgets are nice to show upcoming info -but this one is unique- it automatically generates an icon for the event that is coming up....nice...and has tons of icons to choose from.

8. AudioManager Widget 
one stop shop to control what  your android can say and what i cannot.

9. Birthday Widget 
upcoming birthdays with name/date/pictures....simple and yes it safeguards you from those shameful 'belated happy bday' messages

 10. Uptime Widget 

 Like to show off how long your andriod has got insomnia....go ahead.


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