Next 10 'Must Haves' on your Android

1. AppBrain

Still installing applications from Android Market ? See something on the internet - then search it on your droid and install - slow procedure isnt it - especially with those tricky names and QR Code >

Welcome to clouded application installer....sounds like some puzzle game right...well this is what you can do.

got to - login with google id - then get the 'appbrain app market' + 'fast web install' [login with google id]. The website contains all apps/games etc from market - but with a nice nifty button 'install' - hmm you think - install ok - now what...go check your android [condition - have gprs or wifi running] - its starts installing the app right away - bazinga !

Now see all of your android apps on the web - uninstall organize...feel smarter ? yeah. Bye bye Android Market.

2. LauncherPro

Tired of the same old home screen 'twlauncher' ? ya in a few weeks....saturation point reached - need new look - go for the simple / fast home screen. Make use of 3d acceleration...ya...

3.  Lookout

Too many apps to choose from, so many temptations....some blind install could cost you your know your PC has it now let your phone get it. Simple is its middle name.

Addition to the default mobile tracker you normally have Lookout makes too gets a inbuilt 'missing device' section.....couple that with 'Where's my droid' gives you the relaxing feel.

 4.  MyPhoneExplorer
For old SonyEricsson fans this is one tool that you were guaranteed to have....thats ofcourse if you still own a SonyEricsson Phone.
This is the app to have...contacts/calendar sync with outlook, task, SMS from the comfort of your pc ? wow - ya. Take phone backup and on and on....and current options let you connect over the USB wire or WiFi..bluetooth coming soon. Download for PC + get app by searching in appbrain :)

5.  Titanium Backup
By now you have a good collection of apps and well want to take a backup ? why not. Its the simplest You would need to get your phone rooted. Samsung Galaxy 3 users follow this to root.

6.  BarCode Scanner
Now you saw the fuzzy looking box in the first app called QR Code - what is it ? Well most android app websites or even appbrain have this unique box on the side.

It uses your camera to scan it and open a particular link - then download via android market. Other uses - recognizes most generic barcodes....funky app.

7.  Softrace
 Played NFS since school days right - and it hasnt changed much over the years in the map section......ok interesting....then ?
Want to for a cycling race out with your friends and also see a live map view of their location as per GPS ? oh yeah this does it. Or just race against yourself on the same track...lots of options to choose from and excellent data analysis.

8.  Advanced Task Killer

Now that you are installing lots of the above applications - feel like your 'phone' feature is falling back - ya we all do. Want to kill apps - but dont want to kill them yourself all the time - how about an application which kills them for you on select intervals...neat ya ! Makes your android zoom....

9. Gesture Search
Wanted to quickly find that application or email somebody - or least of all call somebody quickly. Contacts > Search > Swype. Swype is neat isnt it, but it needs the keyboard to be launched. Introduce this permanent resident in your phone - index's apps/contacts/bookmarks/music.....all you have to do it draw. All gun-slingers are invited for the fastest search. A must have nuff said.

10.  Steamy Window

Like to draw footprints on your windshield it when your cars window is all steammy...hmmm..A nice sweet app- swipe the window to clear off - blow into the mic and its steams up again - fun and cute.


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