How to make a HDR

quoting wiki
"High-dynamic-range photographs are generally achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs, often using exposure bracketing, and then merging them into an HDR image."

Take shots at different exposure bracketing, tripod recommended as the shots have to match in the output- if not the software takes care of realignment.

Exposure - 1/200 sec


Exposure - 1/800 Sec

Pass it now through some rigorous tone mapping

Here's how >

Get Photomatix []

The 'Align source images' is useful if you haven't taken the shots with a tripod.

The Detail Enhancer is the main killer - getting the right setting for the right picture takes good amount of patience.....

2nd half of the Detail Enhancer....more options to tweak and get the right one - which makes you go wooo.....

Hit the magic 'Process' Button..

10 to 20 seconds later...

There you go - dish served !

Final Output>
Big Bada Boom ! a High Dynamic Range 


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