Top 10 must have Android Apps

SMS Replier

Are your driving and got a text message - Battery low and don't want to turn on the screen to waste those precious ounces of voltage ? This app will auto reply to the sender with the message you set. Like "hey im being chased by an elephant and gotta run, call you when I get to a safe zone"


What happens if you combine, GPS + GPRS + Compass + G-Sensor +Camera = lots of short forms = Layar.
Are you out on the main street and want to know where is the nearest ATM – just turn on Layar, face your camera towards the street and pop ! it shows the nearest ATM. Or at time square and just overwhelmed with the lights & noise and want a safe haven in a quiet restaurant – Layar will take your there.

Camera 360

Ever taken pics and modified / enhanced them with Photoshop - how much time does it take….lots right. Here's an app which has loads of presets –from funky line sketch <to> HDR <to> blurry SLR effect and on and on…and is it fast – oh yeah. You won't use the default camera app again.
Scaring some people by taking and sharing their pic and to their utter horror they find a ghostly image of a Japanese horror movie girl in the pic----aarrgh ! haha…

RL Watcher

What's common between 'Mission Impossible' and 'Paranormal Activity' – camera / motion detection etc…This makes use of the camera for sight, mic for sound and g-sensor for movement of phone and triggers events like alarm, recording of video from camera or take photos or record sound – and also email it or upload it to an FTP location – cool huh ?
What do I do with this – come on get creative.


Simplest app to share doc's , mp3's , photos between your phone and your pc. Just drag files into the 'dropbox' and they get sync'ed with the server on the net and your device.
Why use it – one day you were walking in the park and boom ! comes an alien – [try to be somewhere near Central Park, NY] you take a few pics and have a 50-50 chance of being abducted. Well take all your files and documents and quickly upload them to dropbox and sync – ahhh…relax…doesn't matter if the aliens abduct me – my files are backed up.

Google Goggles

Hmm, so you're standing in front of a statue in the middle of a museum and have no clue what it is, see a nice location in a magazine and want to know where this is…..launch google googles – click a snap and it does a comparison against the giant picture engine google has – pretty neat.
Have some text in a magazine that you want to look up or search – take a pic the app does an OCR [optical character recognition] and poof the information is in front of you.
Attention - Don't try 'clicking and goggling' on people unless they are celebs.

Where's my droid 

This is one my favorite app's….ok most of your out there like to keep their cell's quiet – buzz/vibration mode and sometimes it become havoc tracking down where you actually kept it.
This is what I would do since I have 'where's my droid' installed. Get another phone or website [web based sms]– send an sms to my phone – a particular keyword is required -> "wheres my droid" – the phone receives it – the app understand this is the keyword for me to activate – it switches the phone to maximum volume and plays the ringtone. Voila ! you got your phone.
Want to track the physical location of the phone – "gps my android" the app turns on GPS and gps tracking – here I come…Hello Mr.Robber –wack goes to cookoo bird !

Fake-Call Me

Are you going to get into a meeting which is going to be uncomfortable to sit in and want to get a call so that you can dodge this situation – then just set the timer on this app and go in – you'll get a call – save yourself.
The sister app is 'SMS List' – it can fake a text message J

SMS Reader

Simple and straight forward – reads our the name of sender and the complete sms - good if you are cooking and just want to hear the messages like voicemails. Not really practical to let the speaker be loud – and your having dinner with your family saying by to them for the weekend – pop comes the msg from your buddy : voice > "msg from Randy – hey dude pack light, the drive to vegas is going to be awesome man…."

LED PartyBoard

It emulates the scrolling marquee on a LED board. Type in your text / font / color and you have a ticker – which is useful in several situations like my favorite >
you are stuck in a traffic jam and there is this cute chick who just gave you a smile – now you can't lower the window and shout out loud hi, this that – the noise of the traffic is too loud - launch the app > type in what you need to tell her. Tada !



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