Photos on social networks...the phases

if you have an account = your photo is gonna be there.
1. no pic = i'm not shy, why put a pic here.
2. car / bike / hero - im macho
3. single portrait pic with shades - i'm uber cool
4. me and her - GF / fiance / wifey - hey u all - look !
5. me only - yey only me, im married have kids - go see my wife's profile - u'll see the kids pics...

have an account => pic - i'm shy, i'm new to this...
2. butterfly / flower / cartoon - im still shy, i like sweet cute things
3. celeb picture - im a fan of him / her...i may or may not look like them.
4. blurry / photoshopped half face pic - im coming out of my cocoon.
5. 2 or at time 3 people in the photo - hey either one can be me - if ur my friend you know me, stranger- keep guessing.
6. 2 - she and her - BF. Fiance or Husband - im not scared to show myself - i have a bodyguard.
7. clear simple picture - hey im not shy anymore, im either engaged or married - or just a plain daredevil.
8. 2 - she and kiddo - he or she is so cute....
9. kiddo photo only....aww so old and ugly - just see my kid now....

the numbering is also sequences you go thru - but at times u can skip a few or stick to a few - but yeah you have to have been there....what stage are you in ?



  1. How about guys who doesn`t have an account.

  2. they are animals - just not social :p