the great social networking scam

the origin of behavioral test subjects \\
a group of scientist once played with a maze and places lab-rats into them and stood in their lab coats and notepads and noted the behaviors of these test subjects- saw how one lead the way and the other followed to the exit.

Shifting to larger playgrounds \\
the group was not satisfied, they thought why not introduce humans into such a lab, find out how the human behaves, how they rot their way through the cycle of life, how they spend their time - their hours and how the spark of a mind can take the crowd one way - the bright mind creates and the zombie sheep follow - duplicate - replicate - copy - round and round goes the wheels of the bus...and reach the exit.

Ignition \\
the spark is created, why not infiltrate the social network scene - it is the perfect catalyst to find out how the common human-rat's behave.
If you think there was no other better way to invade somebody's private space and find out what they were doing - think again, somehow the brand 'social networking' is a make believe situation where you for competition sake - between your friends or so-called friends share what you do. You already shared all personal information - but of course hiding certain information from want to hide this information from others - then why store it on the social forum anyway ?

the possible sources before this \\
emails wouldn't have been the way, + its hard to differentiate between fwd: emails and proper emails to friends describing what they are doing.

cell - txt/call- updates were fine once upon a time, but the cheapest way of telling your friends you just went for swim / saw some movie / bought a new product - that was a tedious job calling every friend or text'ing them.

arrival of za 'internet' - NET first off is pretty much available like tap water - its in every house, and in every backpack as a bottle > 'wireless net'.

websites/blogs - maintaining this was a task only geeks could achieve, go through weeks of understanding before you start really belting out some information and thought process - but hey who puts - 'just woke up' or 'boring sunday' on a blog - without any corresponding paragraph explaining. Though pretty visible - not that organized - a mess.

Tracking that pandemic\\
'i have fever'/'not feeling well today' status is the best example - which in fact should trigger some red alerts if there is a rising trends as per region/location - they know where the first zombie virus was hit.

tracking the human-rat \\
take a pic with your cell - which normally stores your xyz coordinates in the EXIF data of JPEG in cellphones - not that hard to track down where you live :)

Social networking is a scam for human behavioral science, how social do you want to get - well you want your cellphone-netbook-homepc-workpc-mp3 players-digicam's all hooked on to update some silly information or another directly onto the social network.

Why this entire trend - why all these devices and facilities and large corporates investing money into making them talk with these sites directly - with only 1 prior authorization ? all device will be reverse controlled by this 1 website. Are they building Skynet ? Do the machines wanna take over - haha - that's another perspective. Point is our lives are being monitored from point '0' the gateway to internet > search engines to the choice of words we put into the websites - is categorized.

The lab coats are watching and noting down points, watch out fellow human-rat.




    Like Apple and Google, Microsoft collects records of the physical locations of customers who use its mobile operating system."

    Privacy concerns begin to arise when a unique device ID is transmitted, which allows a company to track a customer's whereabouts over an extended period of time. Randomizing the device ID frequently would alleviate some concerns. (Microsoft says that in the case of Windows Phone 7, location information is transmitted to its servers only if Wi-Fi and location services are turned on. It also points out it offers a global switch to turn off all location-based services.) "


    "Why Are Apple, Google Tracking Your Phone?"